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An EcoSystem of insurTech innovators, brokers, and insurers linked with common objectives to promote sustainable change through technology, trust, and transparency.


join to save and access their insurance profile and to see what data is affecting their insurance rates.


join to to gain access to sales tools with embeded markets and automated payments and digital commissions.


jion to put their appetite into our market intelligence engine and use our extensive API to build quote bind issue systems.

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Our Core

Insurance EcoSystem

InsurTech Platform

Our full insurance stack of products enable you to reach every person in the insuance value chain. No more mulitple systems per vndor and reporting aggregation in excel.

Market Access

Using our MetaMGA BindDesk Insurance you can release your product to the ecosystem without worrying about agent clearance or commission distribution.

Insurance Payments

Utilization of our payment platform PolicyPay will enable automation for accounting and special terms while providing a superior checkout experience.

On-Demand Workforce

Insurance Task BPO at it’s finest. Break your process up into tasks, and utilize an on-demand team to be your Uber for all the work you don’t want to do.

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Simplify insurance through trust and transparancy

Getting everyone on the same page will drastically reduce the opportunists in the insurance transaction. Giving power back to the insured will eliminate the data thugs and bring harmony to the industry.

Gig Economy

You Take Care Of What You Can, We Take Care Of The Rest.

Digital Transformation looks different to everyone, and chances are you are already in some form of rollover with the current state of the COVID-era.

We help you where you need it, and have trained insurance professionals ready to do whatever it is you need done.

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Our Brands

EcoSystem Services

Meet US

Our Team Leaders

Over 20 years in the insurance industry has shaped who we are and how we do it.

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Derek Lovrenich

Design & Engineering

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Phil Duncan

Digital Insurance

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Kyle Henzes

Solution Architect

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Rebecca Stolz

Customer Success

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