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Innovation by Collaboration

InsurEco is a group of insurTech innovators, brokers, and insurers associated by their own choice and linked with common objectives to promote sustainable change through technology, trust, and transparency.

Our distribution ecosystem acts an assembly line for insurance providers to model, launch, service, and maintain insurance products using building blocks with set fees.

Innovators and service providers can share their value proposition as these building blocks with transparent fees based on gross written premium, and are paid instantly through our crypto token.


2017 Premium

$12 M

Team Members



San Diego

Policies Bound


Trusted Brokers


Insurance Bios

343,000 +

Monthly Quotes

10,000 +

A single transparent insurance ecosystem delivering innovative solutions through global collaboration.
Provide a transparent platform to build trust and empower the insurance professional without elimination.

Value to the entire industry.

While most solutions only focus on top down approaches, our bottom up approach provides a true disruption of the process and not the people,

The future of banking and insurance.

You are currently paying for an entire industry that is totally unnecessary, and you don’t even know it. Your data and its accuracy is a huge asset. Companies are charging the insurance industry millions of dollars, and inflating the cost everyone pays for insurance.

Control Your Data

Proect Your Identity

Anonymous Quoting

Earn Rewards and Money

Reloadable VISA


Independent Retail Brokers

Our platform enables agents to focus more on their prized asset, the client, while integrating with the data in your agency management system. Allowing for a single dashboard to manage all opportunities, regardless of source, makes it easier finding appropriate coverage to present.

Lead Capture

Market Intelligence

Proposal Maker

Automated Commissions

Servicing Portals

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Wholesale Brokers and MGA's

Aggregation is one of the key fundamentals of the insurance distribution chain, and often times technology skips over the fundamental step. The quickly changing landscape forces aggregators to be nimble and support many different workflows and requirements from their agency base and their markets.

Branded Portal

Sub Agency Management

Submission Forms

Automated Accounting

Enhanced Business Intelligence


Underwriters / MGU’s

Underwriters are the gate keeper and one of the most important actors in the insurance distribution chain. The product’s success is often hinged upon the underwriters ability to efficiently assess risk and identify ineligible risks quickly.

Guideline Safeguards

Big Data Assist

Binding Requirements

Policy Issuance

Detailed Reporting


Carrier / Captive / Program Manager

Carriers are the brand their insureds will trust, but too often carriers are unable to create a rich customer experience which is still supportive of the broker / insured relationship. High priced technology solutions have siloed data and functionality to internal networks.

Appetite Dissemination

Distribution Platform

Claim Management

Automated Bordereau

Risk Performance Analysis


Insurance and Blockchain Developers

Deliver insurance products quickly through our extensive plug-in library for multiple lines of business. Mitigate your exposure for compliance and still retail your soure code. Set your "Juice Fee" for your innovation and get paid when the policy binds through our IEC Token.

Rapid Development

Complaint Building Blocks

Earn SaaS Fees

Get Paid Instantly

Risk Performance Analysis


insurEco System Map

Our stack provides all the building blocks needed to build insurance innovations without friction and build trust through immutable transparency.


Token Sale

A proprietary utility cryptocurrency designed to facilitate the delivery of traditional technology SaaS fees to stimulate innovation and stability in the global insurance industry
insureEco Token (IEC)
Fixed Limit
42,000,000 IEC
5 USD = 1 IEC
March 11th 2018 (9:00 AM, PST)
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The nitty-gritty regarding our technology, and we will warn you this will get technical so if you would like a more functional explanation, you should try the lightpaper.

Using cutting edge philosphies on corporate collaboration allows innovators and forward thinkers to build upon the shoulders of others while maintaining individual equity structures.

With something for everyone in the industry, we are exicted to deliver the transparent platform the industry needs.


Derek Lovrenich

Chief Executive Officer
Our lead distuptor and head blocksmith guides us with his 20+ years of building insureTech systems which manage over $1 Billion in premium bound.

Dan Duncan

Chief Operating Officer
The successful formation of numerous premium finance companies and direct bill programs has created an extensive reach within the insurance industry.

Aaron Henderson

Chief Information Officer
15 years of large scale ERP implementations with today’s largest brands and their biggest data.

Sagar Mahajan

Chief Technical Officer
Managing a team of full stack developers by being a proficient scrum master keeps our agile team’s velocity high and our innovatoin bleeding edge.


Andrew Robinson
Senior Executive Insurance | Enterprise Leadership
Innovation and Technology Disruption
Stephen Fromm
Financial Services / Insurance Professional
PeerIQ, Harvard Business School
Lloyd Yavener
General Counsel & Chief Program Officer
Greyhawk Insurance Company
Win Hotchkiss
Co-Founder, CEO & CFO at
Kingbird Technologies, LLC
Michael Coles
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Cedent
Joe Zuk
President, Commercial Division
Atlas General Insurance Services
Cory Isaacson
Chairman and Co-Founder
at Insurdata, reThought
Insurance Corporation
Michael Salem
Managing Principal at
Vanbridge LLC, Stanford University

Brand Ambassadors:

Christian Ogden Davies
Head of Cyber, Technology
and Media Insurance at
EC3 Brokers
Philip Duncan
C.O.O. Insurance Cloud Marketing Services, Inc
Andy Barile
C.E.O. Andrew Barile Consulting Corp
L. Gino Errico
President Maximus Insurance Agency
Mike Connor
President Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator
Matt Kohl
President Rock 10 Insurance Services, Inc
Swarn Singh
Owner Sapient Insurance Services
Brian Fischer
Vice President Cornerstone Underwriting Partners
Seth Markum
President Commercial
Jamie Webb
Managing Director Prospect Insurance Brokers
Dan Feigenbaum
Managing Partner Feigenbaum Capital Advisors
Mario Mendiola
Vice President Paramount General Agency

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